I am a member of, or support, these organizations. I urge you to learn more about them and consider doing the same.

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    Humane Society of the United States

    As an avid animal-lover and pet-owner, I happily support the work of the Humane Society of the United States with an annual donation and regular posting of newsworthy items from the group on my social media feeds.

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    Laguna Art Museum

    As a long-time Aliso Viejo resident and patron of the City of Laguna Beach with ties to creative and the arts, I frequent the Laguna Art Museum as a member, trying my best to catch every new showing.

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    Pacific Marine Mammal Center

    As a former marine sciences student and aquarist, I had the honor of studying our local marine mammals up close and in depth during my college years and continue to support efforts to study and rehabilitate local marine mammals.

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    The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation

    As a child of the 1980s, I was in elementary school during the Reagan years. I had the pleasure of visiting the Reagan Presential Library for the first time during the Reagan Centennial Celebration & Museum Reopening and have been a member since that very first visit.

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    Sea World Conservation Society

    Growing up in Southern California, I frequented Sea World throughout the years which partly inspired my work in the marine sciences during college. Today, I proudly support the conservation work Sea World does in Southern California.

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    Vanguard University Department of Theatre Arts

    As a long-time supporter of college theatre arts, I am proud to frequent the productions of Vanguard's Theatre Arts department and the excellent work they do training tomorrow's actors, directors, producers and other production-related designers.