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Business-minded, versatile and creative professional with 20+ years’ experience in copywriting, technical writing, process implementation and project management. I can help you and your business communicate more effectively. I'll get you from "I wonder if..." to "I love it!"

Career Achievements

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    Cylance • AI Based Cybersecurity Software • Irvine, CA • 2015 - 2017
    Managing Editor

    Hired as the company’s first dedicated marketing writer and editor, I focus on keeping our marketing message consistent, professional, noteworthy, and above all else, consistent with our messaging guidelines.

    • Create consistency through development and continual maintenance of messaging guidelines, which include standard descriptions of the company, products, and services, as well as proper use of terms and style

    • Further brand recognition and promote Cylance as an industry leader by shaping the voice and tone of publications

    • Ensure consistent messaging and professional image through careful and concise editing of all marketing collateral and related materials

    • Assist in high profile customer pursuits as well as product and service delivery through editing and review of customer documentation for key accounts

    • Foster cross-functional collaboration through working closely with other members of the marketing team, as well as members of the consulting services team, recruiting team, human resources, and Cylance's product team

    • Drive marketing initiatives and campaigns through delivery of needed materials while fielding pressure-cooker timelines and shifting deliverables—all while maintaining composure and keeping projects on track

    • Ensure all marketing collateral is current and meets the needs of our growing organization through quarterly reviews of existing sales and marketing assets

    • Assist in Cylance's recruiting efforts through editing and review of all job postings

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    CAKE Marketing • Marketing Tracking Software • Newport Beach, CA • 2014 - 2015
    Marketing Technical Writer

    Hired as the company’s first dedicated writer, I split my time between copywriting for marketing projects, helping to develop marketing and branding strategy, and technical writing for the product support knowledge base.

    • Improved clarity through uniformed company messaging and voice

    • Increased customer satisfaction by improving product support knowledge base content and assisting with client services team content

    • Drove new leads with clear, concise white papers, brochures and other content

    • Created awareness through blog posts and bylined articles

    • Reached a broader audience through development and launch of new social media strategy

    • Supported company rebranding and website redesign efforts through strategy input and copy polishing

    • Sped up delivery of sales and marketing tools by laying out approved copy and images in InDesign and PowerPoint templates

    • Improved search results through uniformed messaging, keywords and writing with SEO in mind

    • Assisted with PR initiatives through press release and SEC filing review

    • Increased qualified leads by developing and launching Business Development Rep article sharing program

    • Assisted in driving real results, including Q1 2015 during which 38% of all leads generated, 45% of all leads converted and 46% of all opportunities created were the direct result of Marketing Department campaigns I was involved in

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    Neudesic, LLC • IT Consulting • Irvine, CA • 2007 - 2014
    Copywriter & Marketing Communications Manager

    Hired as the company’s first dedicated copywriter, I was later promoted to manage all marketing communications.

    • Increased revenue and department visibility by working closely with software development managers and product owners to create marketing collateral and technical documentation including brochures, trade show materials, marketing content, proposals, case studies, press releases, white papers, software manuals, blog posts, social media posts, website copy, newsletters, and marketing emails.

    • Improved quality and marketing department response times by working closely with software engineers to translate highly technical information into client-focused messaging.

    • Reduced wasted time and efforts by developing and implementing companywide planning, process, delivery and reporting for creative services for IT Consulting business and numerous other business lines and subsidiaries.

    • Increased client satisfaction and reduced delivery times through improved management of MarCom team, outside resources and project management schedules.

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    Quietly Working • Marketing Creative Services & Technical Writing • Newport Beach, CA • 2001 - 2007
    Communications Director & Sernior Writer

    Leading the ad agency’s communications and marketing initiatives, I also served as lead writer and project manager.

    • Increased client satisfaction and generated revenue by working closely with clients from CEO’s to line-level electrical and mechanical engineers and marketing professionals to develop marketing collateral, technical manuals and customer operating documentation across multiple platforms and media.

    • Created technical manuals, operating manuals, procedure manuals (including ISO 9000), newspaper and magazine ads, internal and external websites, brochures, hard- and soft-copy newsletters, reports and client proposals.

    • Increased visibility into the organization and increased company stability by developing and implementing project planning, delivery processes and reporting for the entire organization.

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    Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc. • Home & Commercial Electronics • Irvine, CA • 1998 - 2001
    Multiple Roles

    Hired as a customer service rep, I was quickly promoted to secondary supervisor of the call center, and then promoted to Engineering where I first managed the creation of all ISO 9000 documentation then later managed the team that produced all printed and electronic materials included with Mitsubishi televisions and video playback devices in the US.

    Group Leader, Technical Writing Group - September 2000 to May 2001:
    • Supervised technical writing staff, 2D and 3D artists, and Japanese and Spanish translators.
    • Managed production of all printed and electronic owner’s manuals, quick reference cards and labels.
    • Reduced production time and costs through staff incentives and vendor negotiations.

    ISO Technical Writer - December 1999 to September 2000:
    • Created and the MDEA Irvine ISO 9000 Quality System, including document creation and management.
    • Conducted analysis of quality system needs and drafted project plans to meet ISO certification.
    • Promoted collaboration between management and employees throughout the ISO initiative.
    • Reduced expected time to obtain ISO certification by 33%.

    Lead Consumer Relations Advisor - June 1998 to December 1999
    • Secondary supervisor of call center, handling escalated situations and ensuring day-to-day operations.
    • Created department training manual and wrote instruction manuals for department software.
    • Reduced caller wait time by 20% and increased daily case-handling by 40%.

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    Hitachi Electronics America, Inc. • Home & Commercial Electronics • Irvine & Anaheim, CA • 1995 - 1998
    Multiple Roles

    Hired to answer incoming parts inquiry calls, I was promoted to National Service Parts Procurement Coordinator, responsible for procuring all replacement parts for Hitachi Home Electronics products for all of North American and select sites throughout the world. When the company relocated my position to Georgia, I was offered a one-year contract to serve as the inside sales representative for the company's semiconductor division.

    Inside Sales Representative - Japanese Transfer Accounts - June 1997 to June 1998
    • Increased sales and improved buyer relations through inside sales account management of Japanese electronics accounts in Southern California and Northern Mexico.
    • Strengthened relationships by assisting Key Accounts Manager with support of Canon and four divisions of Sony.
    • Increased client satisfaction by working directly with two district sales managers and an outside rep firm to ensure that product was forecasted, ordered, imported, and shipped to meet account production schedules.
    • Built trust by traveling over sales area to meet with buyers and production heads to discuss account and product status.
    • Increased organization by maintaining account records and creating material lists.
    • Increased department visibility by personally attending meetings at company’s Brisbane, California headquarters to discuss material control issues and policies.
    • Re-wrote policies and procedures for the position from the ground up.

    National Service Parts Procurement Coordinator - January 1996 to March 1997
    • Increased product life and reduced company product replacement costs through implementation of a circuit board rebuilding program.
    • Increased client satisfaction and reduced part customer wait times through development of part number master reference in Hitachi’s IBM AS400 system.
    • Trained new Parts Order Coordinators on department processes and systems.
    • Increased distributor satisfaction through close collaboration on parts issues.
    • Decreased key account part wait times for Circuit City and Sears by streamlining parts ordering and delivery processes.
    • Fostered collaboration between parts order coordinators and warehouse staff.
    • Rebuilt entire position from the ground up, personally writing all procedures and policies as well as compiling data into easy references for department employees.

    Parts Order Coordinator - February 1995 To January 1996
    • Reduced customer, distributor and vendor part wait times through expeditious order processing.
    • Increased product longevity through cross-referencing part numbers and checking physical parts stock.
    • Decreased research times by developing product part tables in Hitachi’s IBM AS400 system.

  • Career achievements dating back to 1990 and references can be provided upon request.

    Experience & Accomplishments

    Business Experience
    • Over 20 years of business experience across multiple industries
    • History of working closely with all enterprise role levels and company sizes
    • Extensive experience with strategy, planning and utilization
    • Strong communication, interpersonal and other vital collaborative skills
    • Accustomed to fast-paced working environments
    • Strong organizational skills to make the most efficient use of time and resources
    • Well-versed in content creation, blogging, social media and enterprise collaboration platforms

    Management Experience & Education
    • Extensive experience managing creative departments, project teams, marketing campaigns, graphic design, websites and content and collateral creation
    • Trained in project management and agile software development
    • Trained in creative services management at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood, California
    • Trained extensively in writing and journalism at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California, where I also served as a staff writer for the Coast Report newspaper

    • Received two Society of Technical Communication awards for my work on the Mitsubishi Projection Television Owners’ Guides
    • Neudesic Marketing Values Award for Discipline – 2011, 2012
    • Mitsubishi Customer Care Employee of the Quarter 1998 Q3
    • Successful Microsoft Partner of the Year Award Submissions:
       • Application Integration Partner of the Year Finalist, 2013
       • B2B Mobility Partner of the Year, 2011
       • Software-Plus-Services Partner of the Year Finalist, 2010
       • Information Worker Solutions – Collaboration Partner of the Year Finalist, 2010

    Software & Programming
    • I enjoy learning and utilizing the latest computer hardware and software including:
       • Adobe Creative Cloud
       • WordPress, Blogger, ClickDimensions, ExactTarget, DiscoverOrg, Relayware, HubSpot
       • Microsoft Office Suite, Dynamics CRM and SharePoint
       • Sony Vegas Pro Video
       • CPanel and basic server and webmail management
       • Basic HTML and coding HTML in SharePoint and WordPress

    • Published writer with national print and digital publications that include:
       • Owner’s guides and technical manuals
       • A wide variety of web-based trade journals, websites & blogs
       • Poetry and short stories
    • Former President of Neudesic Toastmasters
    • Member, Irvine Chamber of Commerce
    • Volunteer, pro bono work, Quietly Working Foundation for the Children of Fallen Soldiers