Social media in its many forms continues to be a growing part of business today. I am very active on both LinkedIn and Twitter professionally, and also continue to maintain two blogs made up of some of my writings. Please feel free to connect with me on social media and visit my blogs.

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    There is no denying the impact that LinkedIn has had on virtually all aspects of the enterprise. Team members are interacting with each other, clients, vendors, and even recruits and prospects. And beyond networking, LinkedIn is proving to also be a great source for skill discovery and thought leadership. I maintain an active LinkedIn profile and post thought leadership and content from industry leaders on a daily basis. Let’s connect on LinkedIn – Send me an invite!

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    Many of us old-school social media-philes went straight from MySpace to Twitter and have been hacking our thoughts down to 140 characters (with spaces!) ever since. You either love Twitter, or you use Facebook instead. For most professionals, like me, Twitter is where you post your work-life and work-appropriate-home-life thoughts and links, and save your actual personal life for Facebook. I post thought leadership and content from both industry leaders and yours truly on Twitter daily. Please feel free to follow me.

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    My Blog

    While largely opinionated and not always a prime example of my professional writing voice, the personal blog I started way back on May 15, 2001 is still a great source of pride for me and showcases the wide array of topics about which I love to write. Please feel free to read my articles and browse through some of the links I shared back in the days before social media. Obviously, I post more often on Twitter and LinkedIn these days, but I still sit and write out op-eds that gets published in the blog quite often.

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    Writing has been my passion since I was six years old when I wrote, typed and bound my very first work of fiction. I view a talent as something that comes to you naturally, something that you did not learn, but can just do. Writing is my talent. It came as instinctively to me as breathing or walking. I don’t make light of considering it a gift. I also consider it an honor to be one of the writers in the world who actually earns a living through writing. One of my biggest early writing passions was poetry. It is a labor of love, but I am currently compiling all of my poetry into a blog.